Accessories offered along with Balances are remote display, Battery Backup, Standard Weights, Motorized Calibration, Printer, Breeze Shield, Flameproof Enclosure, etc.






In the scales used for trading, a second display facing opposite side of the user attached to the scale on the pole for a clear viewing by the customer is offered. LED or VFD display as per the provision in the scale.




   AUXILARY DISPLAY (Remote Wired)


Auxiliary Display is provided with Cable for viewing at a distance away from the scale which can be placed on the Tabletop or mounted on the Wall. Maximum cable length can be upto 25 mtrs.

Auxiliary Display is available in LED or VFD as per the provision in the scale







Large size digit (upto 4” digit height) in high bright red led for usage in open area like production floor, exit gate along with weighbridges, crane scales, floor scales, etc. , for a large distant viewing. Wired and wireless option available.




All Contech scales are supplied with SMPS Which provides required DC voltages for the operation of the scale circuit. SMPS operates on a high frequency and hence the circuit becomes efficient & compact. The input AC power voltage span is 100-270V, AC, 50/60Hz and hence with SMPS, the scale can operate on both 110V and 220V AC supply.






Battery backup unit is an online uninterrupted power supply providing adequate voltages for the operation of the balance in case of power failure. Battery Backup unit incorporates sealed maintenance free lead acid batteries with a charger and under voltage and over voltage protection circuit.





High precision metrological standard weights and weight box.
Complete range:- 1mg to 200 g weight box and loose weights upto 20 kg
M1, E1, E2, F1, F2, Class weights.
Stainless steel, Austenite alloy, Brass material
Calibrated by NABL accredited Laboratory, RRSL (Regional Reference Standard Laboratory, NPL (National Physical Laboratory).





Contech provides glass breeze shield as standard with EMFC balances having accuracy of 1mg or better to shield the weighing area from breeze. For balances with accuracy less than 1mg, breeze shield can be provided as optional. Different types of Breeze Shields are available based on the model and application.






Flameproof cum weatherproof junction box in cast aluminium with multiple ports and cable glands for intlet and outlet connection of loadcells in compliance with requirements in respect of flameproofness and temperature class suitable for use in Zone 1 & Zone 2 and gas groups IIA & IIB atmospheres. Certified by Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research (formerly known as Central Mining Research Institute, CMRI, Dhandbad).






Printer having serial port cna be connected to all Contech scales with RS-232 interface for printing weight data. Different applications can generate various reports which can be printed on the serial printer. GLP software with inbuilt RTC allows for the composition of GLP procedures for calibration test and calibration report with date and time on a printer connected to the serial port of the balances.






Fully automatic calibration accomplished by a smooth noiseless motor driven standard weight inside the balance eliminating weight maintenance. Accurately machined stainless steel standard weight is used for the purpose. Any tolerance in the weight machining is corrected through software. Balance can be programmed to initiate the motorized calibration process everytime when it is switched ON, change in the ambient temperature, at a preset time to recalibrate the balance.




  Laboratory Balances  :
Semi Micro Balancs (0.00001g to 230g)  |
Analytical Balances (0.0001g to 220g)  |  High Precision Laboratory Balances   (0.001g to 500g)  |   Precision  Balances  (0.01g to 5 kg )  | Industrial Precision Balances (0.1g - 10 Kg)  |  Density Balances (0.1 mg - 10 kg)  | 
Flameproof Balances (0.1 mg - 6 kg) 

  Moisture Balances :
Moisture Balances (0.001 g - 220 g)

  Gem and Jewellery Scales :
Pocket Scales (0.001 g - 200 g)  | Carat Scales (0.001 g - 50 g) | Gold Scales (0.01 g - 600 g)  |  Silver Scales (0.1 g - 15 kg)

  Supermarket Scales  :
Retail Scale (1 g - 35 kg)   |  Price Computing Scales
(1 g - 35 kg)
   |  Hanging Scales (2 g - 30 kg)   |

  Health Scales :  |  Kitchen Scales (0.1 g - 5 kg)   |  Baby Weighing Scales (5g - 20 kg)   |   Adult Scales (100 g - 150 kg) 
    Industrial Scales
Tabletop Scales (0.5 g - 35 kg)   |   Piece Counting Scales - Available in tabletop (0.5 g - 35 kg) and Platform ( 2 g - 1 ton)  | Waterproof Scaless (0.1 g - 60 kg)  |   Platform Scales  (2 g - 1 ton)  |  Floor Scales (200g to 10 ton)   |  Pallet Scales (200 g - 2 ton) Low Profile Stainless Steel Floor Scales (100g-2Ton)   | 

Crane Scales CCB features upto 50 ton   | CCH features  | CCW features  |  CCwH features  |

Weighing Indicators  :  |  Universal Indicators  |  Batch Weighing Indicators  |   Flameproof Indicators  |  Stainless Steel Housing Indicators   |

Electronic Weighbridges :
Electronic Weighbridges (5kg - 100 ton)

Scales for Special Applications :  |  Milk Bowl Weighing System (100 g - 500 kg)  |  Platform Scales with Ramp and Rollers  |  Static Check Weighing  Systems  |  Customised Weighing Systems  |
    Balance Accessories  :   
 Auxiliary Display Attached To The Balance On The Pole 
Auxiliary Display (remote Wired) 
 |  Large Panel Display   |   
 Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)   |  Battery Backup  |   
Breeze Shield
  |  Mini Printer   |  Motorized Calibration   |
 Flameproof Junction Box   |   Standard Weights   

Electro Chemical Instruments 
pH Meters   |    Conductivity Meter   | 
Optical Instruments 
Digital  Polarimeters Model :    CDP-001   |  Digital Abbe Refractometers Model : CAR-02  |  
Digital Melting Point Apparatus Model : CDMP-300  

Gold Purity Testing Equipments  :  
X-Ray Gold  Purity Tester - CGX-101 

BEST VIEW : 1024 X 768 Pixels





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